RNS Announcements

2017-07-20 Equity Placing

2017-06-30 Interim Report and Accounts for period ending 31-03-2017

2017-06-12 Share Consolidation, Sub-division and Total Voting Rights

2017-06-09 Results of Annual General Meeting

2017-06-02 Market Update

2017-05-17 Notice of Annual General Meeting

2017-03-31 Annual Report and Accounts

2017-Mar-28 TURBOSHALE - New Strategic partnership to develop new oil shale technology

14-Mar-17 Appointment of Non-Executive Director

23-Dec-16 Resignation of Non-Executive Director

14-Dec-16 Appointment of Broker

22-Nov-2016 Palm Oil Update

24-Oct-16 Change of Advisor

24-Oct-16 Board Changes

07-Oct-16 Palm Oil Update

02-09-16 Equity Placing and Loan Conversion

18-08-16 [Replacement] Company Update

17-08-16 Company Update

19-Jul-16 Holding(s) in Company

15-Jul-16 Termination of Liquidity Facility and Intended Capital Reduction

13-Jul-16 Holding(s) in Company

08-Jul-16 Extension of Construction Permit

06-Jul-16 Trading Update TomCo Announces New Palm Oil Division

14-Jun-16 Update on Red Leaf and EcoShale® In-Capsule® Process

06-Jun-16 Holding(s) in Company

02-Jun-2016 Change to Nominal Share Value

23-May-16 Holding(s) in Company

20-May-2016 Issue of Convertible Loan Notes

19-May-16 Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2016 (Amended)

19-May-16 Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2016

13-May-16 Holding(s) in Company

12-May-2016 Results of AGM

26-Apr-16 Notice of AGM

25-Apr-16 Holding(s) in Company

06-Apr-2016 Board Changes

29-Mar-16 Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015

12-Oct-15 Appointment of SP Angel as Nominated Adviser & Broker

06-Oct-15 Update on Red Leaf and EcoShale(Tm) In-Capsule Process

05-Aug-15 Holding(s) in Company

17-Jul-15 Board Changes

17-Jul-15 DWQ Approves GWDP & CP

29-May-15 Corporate Update & Directorate Change

18-May-15 Update on timing at Red Leaf

29-Apr-15 Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2015

23-Apr-15 Result of Annual General Meeting

27-Mar-15 Notice of AGM

27-Mar-15 Update on timing from Red Leaf

18-Feb-15 Holding(s) in Company

09-Feb-15 DOGM Approves LMO

05-Feb-15 Update on permits & timing

03-Feb-15 Living Rivers agrees to withdraw its objection to TomCo's LMO permit

18-Dec-14 Tentative approval for additional permits

04-Dec-14 Final results

20-Oct-14 LMO tentative approval

17-Oct-14 Holding(s) in Company

06-Oct-14 Holding(s) in Company

26-Sep-14 Director dealing

26-Sep-14 Successful placing of Ordinary Shares to raise £1.0 million

26-Sep-14 Appointment of Shore Capital as Nominated Adviser & Broker

11-Sep-14 Permitting Update

27-May-14 Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2014

24-Apr-14 Result of Annual General Meeting

09-Apr-14 Seep Ridge Update

24-Mar-14 Notice of AGM

17-Feb-14 GWDP submitted

13-Jan-14 LMO submitted

23-Dec-13 Red Leaf Resources Receives Groundwater Discharge Permit

13-Nov-13 Final results

23-Sep-13 Reinitiating Liquidity Facility with Windsor Capital

11-Sep-13 Trading Update

13-Aug-13 Statement re: Share Price Movement

28-May-13 TomCo Suspension of Liquidity Facility Agreement

10-May-13 Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2013

25-Apr-13 Result of Annual General Meeting

10-Apr-13 Change of Nominated Adviser

27-Mar-13 Trading Update

21-Mar-13 Notice of AGM

21-Mar-13 Final Results

12-Mar-13 Holding(s) in Company 3

12-Mar-13 Holding(s) in Company 2

12-Mar-13 Holding(s) in Company 1

07-Mar-13 Oversubscribed Equity Placing Raises £1.7 million

05-Mar-13 Share price

28-Jan-13 Appointment of Fox-Davies Capital as Joint Broker

15-Jan-13 Holding(s) in Company

28-Dec-12 Trading Update

23-Oct-12 Trading Update

08-Aug-12 Director dealing

02-Aug-12 Change of website address

11-Jul-12 Board announcement

06-Jul-12 Company Update

03-Jul-12 Admission of Securities

13-Jun-12 Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2012

12-Jun-12 Mineral Resource Statement

01-Jun-12 Paul Rankine becomes TomCo's permanent CEO

01-May-12 Director Dealing

26-Apr-12 Result of AGM and progress update

19-Apr-12 Update on TomCo investment in Red Leaf

19-Apr-12 Admissions of Securities

02-Apr-12 TomCo completes $5m investment in Red Leaf

30-Mar-12 TomCo intends $5m investment in Red Leaf

28-Mar-12 Notice of AGM

08-Mar-12 Final Results

05-Mar-12 Operational Update

21-Feb-12 Director Dealings

25-Jan-12 Exercise of Warrants

20-Jan-12 Conversion of Warrants

18-Jan-12 Exercise of Warrants

12-Jan-12 Exercise of Warrants

01-Dec-11 Change of Nominated Adviser & Broker

29-Nov-11 Amendment to Director's Details

04-Nov-11 Statement regarding Share Price Movement

24-Oct-11 Declaration of holdings

20-Oct-11 Issue of Equity to Kenglo

19-Oct-11 TomCo is aware of Red Leaf funding efforts

11-Oct-11 Declaration of holdings

30-Sep-11 Declaration of holdings

05-Sep-11 Paul Rankine is appointed to the Board of Directors

23-Aug-11 TomCo awards key pre-development contracts

21-Jul-11 First Day of Dealing

15-Jul-11 Intent to Float Shares on AIM

08-Jul-11 Updated information on Private Placement

01-Jul-11 Completion of Private Offering

10-Jun-11 Update on and Further Extension of Placing & Open Offer

26-May-11 Extension of open offer and placing

19-May-11 Results of EGM Meeting

05-May-11 Intention to seek admission to AIM

27-Apr-11 Placing and Open Offer to provide additional working capital

27-Apr-11 Updated Resource Assessment by SRK

27-Apr-11 New website on www.tomcoenergy.com