Red Leaf’s EcoShale® process

Licence Agreement

In 2009, we identified the EcoShale® process as being particularly suitable for the commercialization of the oil shale leases, and in particular the Holliday Block, which lies approximately 15 miles north-east of Red Leaf Resources’ Seep Ridge site where the geology and overburden are similar. We continued to monitor Red Leaf’s developments closely and on 24 March 2010 we entered into the License Agreement with Red Leaf which enables TomCo to employ the EcoShale® process to develop the Holliday Block and provides the Company with access to Red Leaf’s licensed technology and expertise.

EcoShale® technology consists of:

o   Above ground, fixed-bed retorts

o   Hot gas heating medium

o   Employs zone heating for heat recovery

o   Temperature remains below carbonate decomposition point

o   Batch process with units operating in sequence

o   Ability to capture produced water

In terms of mine design, a “truck and shovel” method is deemed to be the best approach. The EcoShale® process relies on supplies of natural gas for furnace fuel and diesel fuel for excavating and trucking vehicles. As the implementations unfold and more data are collected during the first stages of development, it may deemed possible to use gas generated from the heating process as fuel for heating adjacent capsules and for generating electricity. The EcoShale® process itself is a net producer of water, depending on the water content of the shale. Water is needed only for dust control during the mining and reclamation process.

Please click on the following link to see a more detailed description of Red Leaf’s technology.